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For voice communications we use Discord, below you find information on it and how to use it.

What is Discord?
Discord is a VoIP app that is free to use. There are no costs for servers, accounts, etc.

Why Discord?
As a whole, Discord is more advanced than TS3 is, the audio quality is better, it is more modern, it is constantly evolving and its free to use. Discord can be used on pc but you can also use Discord from mobile apps, desktop apps or in your webbrowser.

What features does it have?
Discord will automatically embed images, gifs, videos, and summarize web pages when linked in the chat. It has mobile applications and is also accesable on web without the need to download a standalone app. You can mention groups, persons and tags just like on facebook and twitter. As a whole it as a lot of functions and even more planned. For more information on the functions and how to use it visit the Discord feature page.

Using TMQ’s Discord server
In order to keep the Discord server fun for everyone TMQ has some guidelines for its usage:In order to keep the disturbance to a minimum the TMQ Voice server has multiple rooms with multiple purposes. The main Channel is used as a hub to chat and talk to fellow guildies and should not be used when grouping up for Dungeons/Fractals/Raids/etc.. Members should keep this in mind when grouping up to play content and are encouraged to use the Squad and Party channels.The main language of the Guild is English. We have many members whose first language is not English, remember this if you’re using slang terms or phrases and be prepared to explain them. If you need to use a different language in Discord/party chat/etc. to explain something better that’s OK but try not to exclude people and keep it in whisper if possible. Remember that some people speak multiple languages, or are just good with Google Translate, so don’t say something stupid thinking no one will understand it.Please refrain from using derogatory and offensive terms at all times in guild chat or to other guild members. We understand some terms are used with humor, but a reasonable limit should be recognized through common sense. This said an Guild Leader/officer will step in if the matter is taken too far.Members should avoid inflammatory subjects such as religion and politics to avoid conflict or disputes with any other members. Debates are not encouraged to be held in the discord server, especially if they have the possibility to offend others.Due to the size, TMQ is a home to all kinds of cultures/lifestyles/types of people. Remember that we do not discriminate and expect a level of maturity and respect from and to all individuals at all times.

Server nicknames
To recognize everybody in the Discord server we ask our members to have their GW2 Account name or a deviation of it as their Discord name.
We get that you don’t want your Discord account name to reflect this since you might be on multiple Discord servers so for this we use the server nickname feature. In example, if your GW2 Account name is ”SuperEle.1234” and you want your Discord account name to be ”Blitzcrank” you can nickname yourself to: ”Blitzcrank (SuperEle)” or just ”SuperEle” for the TMQ server only.

How to set a Server Nickname?:
You can change your username and what’s seen by everyone else in the user list for every server you’re a part of. Just click the server settings menu bar in the upper left corner and click the “Change Nickname” selection. Enter your new nickname here, and click Save.


So, how do you get it and how do you use it?
Easy! You have two options to join the TMQ Voice Discordserver:

With both options you get taken to the lobby where you find further instructions to gain access to the server.
If your new to Discord be sure to follow the walkthrough that Discord provides when you use it for the first time!

How To Setup And Use Discord – Basic Overview Of Features and Tools


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