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    Gw2 Grenth’s Regalia Outfit is...

    12 September 2017 , by admin

    I’m taking a little investment risk. Since it turns out that humans don’t know their gods as well as they thought they did, I figure there’s a fifty percent chance another one will start causing trouble. And that means every local fanatic will want merchandise. I’m not putting all my money on Grenth, but I think it’s a solid prediction. After all,.... Read more

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    GW2 Gemstore Update–Geomancer ...

    5 September 2017 , by admin

    GW2 gemstore just updated today with Geomancer Glider for 500 gems Somebody once told me the world would chew me up and spit me out. She never recognized my intelligence—but her condescension and arrogance made a fool of her. I hit the ground running after that, and as the years go by I’m more convinced than ever that I was... Read more

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