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    GW2 New Legendary Hammer Nex P...

    22 July 2017 , by admin

    There’s a lot of excitement, confusion, and uncertainty regarding Guild Wars 2’s immediate future, but it’s looking like the devs are going to keep players on their toes in the best of ways. Now that it looks like the end of Season 3 will come with a new Orrian zone, what about a giant smashy hammer to go along with... Read more

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    GW 2 S Living world season 3 f...

    19 July 2017 , by admin

    Bummed out over that weak Guild Wars 2 fractal tease last week? We’re getting to the good stuff today: ArenaNet has just announced that the third season living world finale is titled One Path Ends. “As the season began, the heroes celebrated their victory over the Elder Dragon Mordremoth—unaware that the magic formerly channeled and absorbed throug... Read more

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    GW2 New Fractal to be part of ...

    14 July 2017 , by admin

    When ArenaNet announced the sixth and final episode of Guild Wars 2’s third living world season yesterday, it was a one-liner post with a teaser screenshot that points us right back to Orr. Today’s Facebook teaser has even less info, if that’s possible: cackling laughter and a promise that a new fractal is on the way with the episode. The... Read more

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    Gemstore UI Overhaul

    11 July 2017 , by admin

    Have you ever found yourself in this situation: You are flush with cash and desperately want to dump it on Guild Wars 2, but you find the store interface too confusing or obtuse, so you end up buying insurance and stock options instead? Well, that sort of regrettable scenario is a thing of the past, as today the game introduced... Read more

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