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    Check Out The Trailer For ARK:...

    9 September 2017 , by admin

    Fresh off its official release, ARK: Survival Evolved is already aiming to one-up itself with the “Aberration” expansion.  I didn’t think things could get much wackier in the dino-ridden survival/crafting/exploration game, but it turns out I was hilariously wrong. The new content, which drops in October of this year, will take pla... Read more

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    ARK: Survival Evolved – ...

    6 September 2017 , by Mike

    How to Ride & Breed a Wyvern You can spawn any variant, by replacing the word “base” with either Fire, Lightning, or Poison. So since Wyverns cannot be tamed, the only way you can have your own is to collect eggs and raise them. You will need to either gather Fire Eggs, Lightning Eggs, or Poison Eggs. Once you have... Read more

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    ARK: Survival Evolved Pax west...

    1 September 2017 , by admin

    Ark: Survival Evolved hasn’t even been out a week in its official Version 1.0 form but that hasn’t stopped developer Wildcard from unveiling the game’s second major expansion. Following last year’s controversial, desert-based Scorched Earth paid-DLC, which was released before the game even hit 1.0, Ark’s newest expansion is called Aberration. It’s ... Read more

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